The Story of Jinxed Network

Blue Flower

It all began with a 16-year-old kid's dream of becoming a YouTuber. Little did he know, his path would lead him to a newfound passion for video editing. As he immersed himself in learning the art of video editing and design, he discovered a talent and love for the craft that surpassed his initial ambitions.

His journey took a new turn as he started editing videos for various brands and businesses in India and abroad. Along the way, he realized that learning itself is a skill. This realization inspired him to share his knowledge with others, and he began teaching design, video editing, and even web development to his peers in college.

What started as a small group of eager learners soon grew into a thriving community. As the community's skills and expertise expanded, so did their ambitions. This collective passion and drive led to the formation of an agency that continues to push boundaries and create impactful video content for clients worldwide.

From a teenage dream to a thriving agency, our story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the belief that learning never stops.

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